In Defense of Moral Superiority

Following up on the conflict between blogger Disrupted Physician on his blog ( and summarized  in my previous blog, I wish to explain the importance of moral superiority to me and our society.

Firstly, please allow me to share with you why I feel upset with Disrupted Physician, his blog and his negative attitude towards moral superiority:

1. he is all ‘all things are going down hill’, ‘we are all doomed’ attitude, which really fosters a powerless and apathetic influence to the bullying victims. Although initially victims may feel this attitude comforting and empathetic, in the long run victims receive no moral guidance nor support to respond with hope and greater skills ;

2. his sidekick’s reasoning is in my view muddled and confused: “we are all equal therefore there can be no such thing as moral superiority”; and

3. when his sidekick accused me of jumping onto conclusion (which I think is erroneous), and I accused her of the exact same thing (which I think is of good reason), he did not treat us equally, definitely unfair to me in my view.  His clear siding with his sidekick indicates to me that he is not capable of either clear thinking or moral leadership.

I did not intend to cause conflict.  I expressed myself very respectfully towards him and his sidekick for most part of the exchange, even towards the end when I suggested that I was feeling frustrated with the morale on his blog I was still very matter of fact about it .  But I don’t think he or his sidekick treated me with the same courtesy.  The sidekick was aggressive from the start, while the doctor was showering favouritism towards her, especially at the final face-off time, and became very rude to me when I had to defend myself from his sidekick.  It astonishes me that this blogger claimed to be a victim of bullying can be so nasty to employ the same bullying tactics on reader of his blog who intends to provide feedback and respectful discussion.

Now my interactions with this blogger who I find very dubious, is inspiring me to take a deeper look of moral superiority and share with you my perspective on it.

Superiority is a relative thing,  we can be superior to others at some aspects of our abilities and character, and we can also be superior to ourselves in terms of our state of being at different stages of our life.

In the eastern philosophies, doing good and achieving moral superiority go hand in hand. Instead of viewing moral superiority as a negative show-off thing, it is viewed as the original benevolence at the core of our being. Doing good helps people to achieve the realization of this original benevolence at core, and realization of this original benevolent core helps people to grow intellectually and spiritually to undertake greater good.

I have experienced such realization 20 years ago, which was a very enlightening experience.  I have since had some very interesting spiritual experiences, including telepathy, seeing the future and recalling past life experiences.  These experiences came at random and not often, nevertheless they provide me a connection to a spiritual and mystical dimension of our reality, and greater abilities to contribute toward a better, fairer and more just world.

This is why I value moral superiority so much. It is not about I am superior than you so that I can make you feeling inferior about yourself.  It is about through effort I can grow morally more advanced, and will be able to uphold truth and justice with a greater capacity. Moral superiority can only grow when we really love our fellow human beings, and care about the wellbeing of our society, as love the essence of our core being.

Moral superiority in my mind is also about greater discernment, a greater appreciation of the strengths of others and one’s own, a greater understanding of the weaknesses of others and one’s own, as well as a greater commitment and abilities to contribute towards the betterment of our humanity.

This is why I am so worried and upset that in the west moral superiority has been used as a negative, politically incorrect term to discourage people from valuing and taking pride in their moral achievements. This original benevolent core of being is denied and nipped at the bud, which I think is a cause of great moral chaos and atrocities.

To achieve order and fairness in a society, there has to be some sort of moral compass, and the original benevolent core of our being is the best option that we have. To recover this original benevolent core of our being, it is essential that we first stop denying it and then we become inspired to experiment with it.  I would not say that people must thrive for it, because it should not feel like a chore. Although doing good is often rewarding, we do need to respect our limitations at times. Some people can be more ready than others at a given point of time, and the same person can be more ready at a particular point of time than another point of time.  But if the permission to be inspired by it is denied and nipped at the bud, people will miss again and again the opportunities to grow  morally which in turn supports growth of our intellectual and spiritual strengths.

Everyone has unique purposes in life, which dictate how our life will turn out to be, and compare with which, how we want our life turn out to be can be so weak and powerless.  I liked the avatar figure that I use. According to the computer dictionary, it is a manifestation of a deity or released soul in bodily form on earth; an incarnate divine teacher; an incarnation, embodiment, or manifestation of a person or idea. It is inspired by a Chinese children’s cartoon that I liked very much when I was five. To most of my earlier life this was just a fairy tale, an inspiration, not how I thought life could turn out for me practically.  However now I realise that the seed was there, and it had the right conditions to grow toward maturation.

When I was eleven I saw in a dream a place where I would be attending university.  Ten years later I realized that the place that I was attending university was the exact place that I saw in the dream ten years earlier.  Around that time of my life, I received another important revelation that I will grow spiritually and become an instrument to expose the evil in this world. I resisted the ‘exposing evil’ bit at first, as I would rather see people inspired by their original benevolent core of being to turn toward good. Now seeing the state of moral apathy in the west, I realize how naïve my previous resistance to expose evil was.  In the past 16 years, exposing evil is exactly what I ended up doing, although at times my assertiveness to hold truth and justice did prevent some people from committing wrongs.  And on some other occasions, my disapproving stance of some wicked people brought them closer to the divine judgement that they deserve. This is where my blog name Righteous Wrath came from.

According to the philosophical teachings of East Asia where I culturally originate from:

  •  Confucianism: The way of great learning consists in manifesting one’s bright virtue, consists in loving the people, consists in stopping in perfect goodness.(大學之道、在明明德、在親民、在止於至善.)
  •  Taoism: One benefits from learning new things every day, one sacrifices from following the tao/path. As one’s sacrifices accumulates, one does less and less, yet the less he does the more he achieves.  (为学日益, 为道日损. 损之又损, 以至于无为, 无为而无不为.)


Both of the teachings above advocate 3 stages or components of achieving moral superiority:

1. Learning and effort to realize the bright virtue, our true benevolent self which is the original benevolent core of our being;

2. Effort to apply the realization of our original benevolent core of our being for the common good (with conviction and abandonment); and

3  Achievement of perfect goodness and power.

As I have found the teaching works very well for me in practice, I hope sharing my understandings and experience with you can be of some help to you, to embark on a journey that takes you to realize the original benevolent core of your being, and reach a genuine moral superiority.

As with Disrupted Physician and his sidekick juliemadblogger,  their atrocious moral status helped me to understand how the western hegemony has been pestering the globe for the past a few centuries.  The truth is becoming clearer to me, justice is getting closer too.  Truth and justice never cease to prevail in the end, no matter what.  Those who indulge in wicked deeds will always come to an evil end.


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