Disrupted Physician is a Fraud

Re:  https://disruptedphysician.com/2015/06/08/beyond-the-schoolyard-workplace-bullying-2


My original comment to Disrupted Physician:

 yipingwang58 says:

As a person who was at the receiving end of workplace bullying, I am glad to read your blog on this matter. However, I don’t understand why you think ‘moral superiority, bigotry, racism, and other biases all too often factor into the equation.”

I don’t think there is anything morally superior about bullying people, in fact I think this is a display of the exact opposite.

When people are really morally superior, they treat others with kindness, honesty and fairness, and they are certainly not afraid to fight against the bullying situation. Sure fighting against the bully situations may be a long and strenuous journey, yet I found it can be a very empowering and rewarding experience. It is only when victims rise up and fight back, the bullies will begin to learn that as they sow they shall reap.


Then I got juliemadblogger’s comment

 juliemadblogger says:

Of course they pretend to be morally superior. They cannot perceive themselves as anything but flawless. There is no such thing as moral superiority! None! We are all worthy. The dichotomy between humans, the classification of some that are said to be superior and others considered worthless garbage needs to end. There is no grounds that those deemed worthless garbage are only worthy if they agree to being strapped into straitjackets, bound and drugged. BTW, the Murphy Bill was passed yesterday. We’re headed for genocide…..


I replied to juliemadblogger

 yipingwang58 says:

Juliemadblogger, you are confusing yourself.

The real moral superiority does not lead to denial of freedom of speech or genocide, on the contrary it prevents it.

I understand that in the western culture, for centuries people were taught that everyone is sinful and have no right to accuse one another, and this has become the exact breeding grounds bullying tactics need to fester, because then no one will be allowed to accuse the evil doer for their wrong doings? Isn’t this what had happened to the hundreds of years of genocide by the western colonialism? Isn’t this the real killer of “freedom of speech”?

What I am saying, is that we the victims need to grow in our own moral status to achieve a superiority over the abusers, so that we get to expose their evil deeds, hopefully understand the cause of their destructive behaviours, take constructive steps to help ourselves and help everyone involve to grow towards a greater morality together.

This I believe is what many people are doing, including Michael Lawrence Langan MD here, who is sharing some very interesting perspectives on the matter. To combat evil, we need to be morally confident first, which does not mean we deny other people’s freedom of speech or going around killing people, it does mean that we are honest and fair when it comes to our opinions of others, so that they receive a feedback that is beneficial to both themselves and everyone else.

As I sought clarification with Disrupted Physician, I expressed with him my disagreement with  juliemadblogger’s view.

 yipingwang58 says:

No, I don’t think we are all on the same page, as I am being accused of treading scary ground to make such comparisons of value in humans. Juliemadblogger is putting words into my mouth, accusing me of denying people rights based on their moral status. All I have been saying is that the real moral superiority is a good thing, and that people with real moral superiority are not the bullying type. They are not bullies, but they are not weak targets of the bullies either. If anyone dares to bully them, they will teach the bullies a good lesson, a lesson of fairness and accountability.

Now since Juliemadblogger accused me of denying people rights based on their moral status, does not people get fined or even loose licence when they commit traffic offence? Isn’t this the basis of most judicial systems in the world? Doesn’t this give us examples that when people are less moral, limits of rights can be imposed upon them?

I found Juliemadblogger basing her denial of real moral superiority on the so called worthiness of all people a very poor example of reasoning. These two things has no connection with each other, and her insistence to relation them two, to me seem to be an unfortunate hopefully an unintended condoning of the bullying tactics.


juliemadblogger replied


All I am saying is to tell the truth doesn’t make you, or me, or anyone a better quality person than anyone else. It simply means you are telling the truth. That’s a verb, an action. Dr. Langan exposed these so-called addiction treatment centers in his blog. He told the truth about these prison-like places that do not cure nor help anyone. To me, that’s an amazing and brave thing to do. We are trained in our society to remain silent and passive and to shut up about what we see and hear. He also exposed how people, including health care professionals, can be framed via phony blood tests. I shared his blog with fellow activists and they, too, are convinced that Dr. Langan isn’t some “disgruntled employee” and he knows what he is talking about. This is an action he did. I praise what he did but I still feel that we shouldn’t be saying some humans are better quality than others, as quality is measurable and the idea of that is too simplistic. And yes, it’s a matter of semantics as well.


I replied to juliemadblogger:

yipingwang58 says:

Juliemadblogger, telling the truth does make the teller a better person than a person who does not tell the truth. It is your muddled reasoning that really does not help us to solve the problem here. I see your approach morally apathetic.

We need people like Dr. Langan who exposed these so-called addiction treatment centers in his blog. He told the truth about these prison-like places that do not cure nor help anyone. To me, that’s an amazing and brave thing to do.

I understand that you are saying over and over that we shouldn’t be saying some humans are better quality than others, as quality is measurable and the idea of that is too simplistic. And I am in strong disagreement with you on this opinion of yours.

In a corrupt society where the vicious bullies the innocent, one thing they often use to silence the victims is to accuse the critics of their bullying tactics of ‘moral superiority’. In fact the term ‘moral superiority’ is not only used to justify the bullies own bullying tactics, but also used to counter their critics.

In order to improve the moral of our society, it is essential to recognise the importance of the real moral superiority, so that there can be some moral standards to monitor people’s behaviours and discourage socially destructive behaviours.

If people do not learn to appreciate and aspire towards moral superiority, and are not motivated to grow morally more superior, then our society deserve to suffer. It is useless to be a crying baby. And it is a great dis-service to humanity to deny the difference of people’s moral status. Each of us need to grow our moral status to reach a higher superiority, so that we can be wiser with our own conduct and can be of more helpful to promote greater fairness and justice in our society.



  yipingwang58 says:

“All I am saying is to tell the truth doesn’t make you, or me, or anyone a better quality person than anyone else. It simply means you are telling the truth.”

Tell the truth does not make you, or me, or anyone a better quality person than anyone else, ONLY WHEN everyone (ie you me and anyone else) tells the truth. It does not only mean that your are telling the truth, it also means that you are capable of being an honest person.

If people like you refuse to acknowledge the importance of moral status, then no wonder so many people are comfortable abusing and bullying us.

PS I am seriously thinking about un-following Dr Lagan. It is too depressing to put up with this confused, apathetic, and disempowering approach to deal with social ills. This is exactly how the corrupt authority keep people silent. They tell you:
1. All people are sinners and were born with sin;
2. The world is evil and we are all domed if we do not follow a dead prophet to be meek and lowly;
3. Our only salvation is to follow this dead prophet to be meek and lowly, so that when we die we go to heaven; and
4. Judge not for you will be judged.

To me juliemadblogger’s idea is exactly what takes to keep the society miserable, and to keep the corrupt authority unaccounted for.

Although Disrupted Physician went along with me, he clearly showed greater support for juliemadblogger’s muddled reasoning, and I found this very strange.


Then juliemadblogger’s bullying true colour came out:

  juliemadblogger says:

Yippy you clearly haven’t read my blog. I outed Massachusetts General Hospital. That is one of the most powerful medical institutions out there. Right now, you can’t read my 11 years of blogging as it is temporarily hidden, no one can, since I have a job application in and am waiting for a decision. Don’t call me a Christian, I am not one, I am a Jew, was born one. Don’t jump to incorrect conclusions based on some hasty, closed-minded decision. Neither Dr. Langan nor I care if you unfollow.


To which I replied:


  yipingwang58 says:

Your comment is awaiting moderation.

Once again, you are confused. I never called you a Christian. I am aware of the influence of Judaeo-Christian influence in the western civilization, and was referring it to explain the workings of corruptions in the west.

Once again, you have proven yourself jumping onto incorrect conclusions based on some hasty, closed-minded decision.

Clearly you are incapable of reasoning based on respect. And your behaviours have proven me right that you are a person impossible to reason. And I have noticed a lack of moral status on this site.

While I found you an offensive, unintellectual and morally apathetic person, I found Dr. Langan lack of moral strength to really tackle the issues.

This site is supposed to be an anti-bully forum, your involvement has clearly turned it into a bullying slaughter house. You really do not reflect your religion well.

Your arrogance and ignorance are clearly indicative why corruptions and abuses are running amok in the west. I am glad that I am here to expose your true bullying colour.


Shortly after Disrupted Physician’s true colour came out:

   Michael Lawrence Langan, M.D. says:

I have tried to be cordial and handle your misunderstanding with some aplomb. No more. You sir are the one incapable of understanding. I’m not going to argue with you as its a waste of my time. Why are you even commenting here. Troll somewhere else. Good day Ping!



From what I gathered through my interaction with him, Michael Lawrence Langan M.D. (aka Disrupted Physician) is a fraud.  I deeply suspect his real agenda of running this anti-bullying blog.  His blog displays a resistance to view the bullying situations with any positive possibilities. Instead of supporting and inspiring people, his blog disempowers and discourages people to take opportunities of growth.  When my questioning of his logic threatens his hidden agenda, he got his sidekick juliemadblogger to oust me.  I am satisfied in my mind now that his questionable agenda is confirmed by his actions.  And I am very pleased with myself that I was not persuaded to make donation to support his blog.  I must admit that I was tempted though. Hooray!!! No more long and boring blogs from Michael Lawrence Langan M.D. (disrupted physician) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!










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